Indo Incorporated

Welcome to INDO Incorporated!

INDO™ has created an integrated network of high quality “INDO™-branded” products and services serving the Hemp & Cannabis Industry across the USA. INDO™ has teamed up with industry professionals and investors, actively fostering joint venture opportunities with partners across the USA.


Our growing network of integrated INDO™ branded products and services provide the highest level of product quality and customer service in the cannabis industry. Our vision includes franchising, licensing, and strategic partnerships. Please contact us to learn how INDO™ can help YOU with YOUR business.


INDO™ is comprised of five fully integrated divisions each with multiple revenue streams:

: INDO™ farms produces unique and popular strains of “Certified Organic” high quality flower material with expanding availability at INDO™ branded outlets and distribution centers nationwide.

icon-dispensariesDISTRIBUTION / RETAIL
: INDO™ distribution centers are strategically located and designed to exceed all compliance regulations, providing secure and accountable re-distribution of Cannabis and Hemp products to our INDO™ retail partners.

: INDO™ extraction facilities source pure bud materials to our INDO™ retail outlets with a premiere line of quality oils, extracts and other products for retail sale and medical use.

PHARMACEUTICALS: INDO™ Pharmaceutical and Medical Products are science-based pure organic products for retail consumer sales and general use, such as edibles and medibles.

MEDIA / SOFTWARE: INDO™ creates tomorrow’s solutions for today’s business with industry leading business software solutions and media integration.